They say Mississippi is behind the times.

They're right - and thank God for it.

What they don't know is that there are some times it's good to be behind.

In fact, the further you can be behind some times the better off you are.

Consider how far behind the curve we are in the following areas.

And then pray that curve doesn't straighten out like a bullwhip and snap us right painfully up to date.

---Men, women and children can run or walk alone any time of the day or night with very little chance of being assaulted or robbed.

---Cops mostly still have more firepower than crooks. So far as I know, local lawmen haven't experienced any serious social occasions, such as being taken under fire by outlaws with automatic weapons.

So far as I know none of our local bad boys or bad girls have been busted for having functional LAAWs (light anti-tank weapons) or machine guns.

---There are still lawmen in this area who do not wear Kevlar bullet-resistant vests every second they are on duty.

---No cop cars have been turned over and burned by mobs displeased with one thing or another.

---Entire sections of town have not been burned down, and weapon shops and pawn shops have not been looted wholesale, by those dissatisfied with the results of a trial at the Chickasaw County courthouse. Folks around here, for the most part, don't believe that arson and theft and rioting are legitimate ways to express social concerns.

---Our local crooks settle things among themselves without resorting to high explosives. When's the last time you heard about a car bombing in Chickasaw County?

---Local firefighters have not yet been shot at when arriving to fight a fire.

---Drugs are here, but not in the quantities of other places. Our pushers don't stock marijuana by the bale or cocaine by the kilo (A kilo is about 2.2 lbs.).

---There aren't yet armed guards in public buildings or newspaper offices.

---There are no housing projects in this county so gang-controlled that even the cops hesitate to enter.

These are the "good ole days," folks. We'd better cherish them, because some day -- as we might read about Chickasaw crooks who drilled into a bank vault with a laser then escaped in a stolen Stealth jet -- we may look back with nostalgia on the quaint old ways…

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