With schools looking to start back in the coming weeks, there have been many opinions voiced for both sides.

Some are against the idea, stating that kids being in a classroom will almost certainly lead to an outbreak as well as bringing the virus home to potentially vulnerable people. They argue that schools should hold off on starting in-person, and perhaps go to online for a while.

Then you have those who say that schools should start back because the academics will suffer otherwise. They say that students, especially in rural Chickasaw County, do not have access to the necessary tools to pull off online schooling, as well as the burden placed on parents who work having to manage a job and making sure that their child logs in and is receiving the benefits of an education while separated from a learning environment.

With so many different voices coming from so many different directions, it can be a struggle to decide which side you fall on. Many might be asking, “What is the right answer?” In our opinion...both.

Both sides have very valid points as to why schools should or should not start back.

However, this was a lose-lose situation from the very beginning. No one decision will please all parties, and there are more than just these facets in play here. It is a complex situation all around, and there is no clear choice moving forward.

However, there is one thing for certain, there has to be school. That is what makes the situation so truly difficult is the fact that schools have a certain set of requirements, agree with them or not, that have to be met. This is a set thing, and there are consequences for not meeting them.

It remains to be seen how this will play out. Some schools who have started back have already reported cases, however, this is to be expected.

Precautions are being taken to ensure that schools are as safe as possible, and honestly that is probably the best that we can hope for. There is no way to prevent it, we can only delay the inevitable.

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