The Houston School Board passed a resolution in a special called meeting on Dec. 12 to hold a special election for a $9.25 million bond for the school district. The election will take place on March 3.

There will be quite a few facets to this situation, other than just the ones that appear on the surface.

The proposed bond is for $9.25 million, that will be paid back over 20 years. The increase will be approximately 11.5 mills.

This will surely have people split, and I am not here to tell anyone how to feel about it. I am simply laying out the facts and it is my sincere hope that everyone will take them and formulate their own opinions.

As a former student of the Houston School District, having graduated in 2015, I am aware of the problems facing it. Many of these problems, at least to my understanding have gotten worse. These include leaking roofs, poor heating/air and drainage issues.

When I heard about the bond issue, I was not surprised, but I started to dig and get the facts.

I can see both sides of the issue. I am remaining impartial, however, because as previously stated, it is not my job to tell any of you what to think.

I do suggest that you formulate an opinion and go and vote your conscience on March 3. because the best way to ensure that your best interests are represented at the polls is to go out and vote. So I am urging everyone who is able to turnout and vote the way you feel.

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