An emotional Johnson delivers his message of faith in times of peril to the members and guests of the Houston Exchange Club. 

HOUSTON – The Houston Exchange Club resumed its meetings on Friday, with a special guest, David Johnson, a sports writer for Ole Miss, and a COVID survivor.

He shared his story of miraculous recovery with the members and guests of the Exchange Club.

Johnson caught the virus in early March, when it was still new to the area.

He described the initial feeling as the flu that just kept getting worse.

However, he did not think that it was serious, even when his doctor called him and told him he needed to check into the hospital. He would go on to be in the hospital for 46 consecutive days, 21 of which were spent on life support.

Johnson's condition worsened while in the hospital, and he said that the doctor called his wife and asked her to consider pulling the plug on the life support. To which she replied, “I am not going to get between my husband and God.”

After calling Johnson's cousin, who is a doctor in New Albany, they were able to buy Johnson the weekend, but the doctor told them not to be optimistic, because there was a statistical zero percent chance of recovery...he beat those odds.

That happened on a Friday night, and the doctor called on Saturday morning and said that his numbers were improving marginally, however, he said this was no cause for celebration.

However, Johnson continued to improve to the point that the doctor called his wife and said, “We are going to keep fighting.”

He defied the odds to come back from the brink of death. He said that he does not ask why he got the virus, he asks why he was able to walk out of the hospital when so many others did not. He was told by the doctor that there was no medical explanation for why he came back.

He finally settled on his answer, the power of prayer.

“God did that, prayer did that.”

Johnson now sees his purpose on this Earth, to spread the message of the power of prayer.

“I can come to only one conclusion, and its both in my mind and my heart, and that's that God put the air in my lungs for me to deliver this message to anybody willing to listen at any place that I can. Over the last two and a half months, I've spoken all over Mississippi and Tennessee, and I'm not turning down an invitation, because I think that's why He spared me.”

His purpose is now clear, and he know what he has to do.

“There's work for me to do.”

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