We here at the Chickasaw Journal have always been pro-local business. We have, on numerous occasions, encouraged you all to shop and eat local.

Well, we have fallen on some hard times with the COVID-19 outbreak and many businesses having to close their doors to prevent spreading the illness. So, at the risk of sounding cliché, we believe that these local businesses need our support now more than ever.

Where corporations can shut down locations with little to no significant losses, these small, locally owned businesses do not have that luxury. Many of them make just enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. An extended period of nonactivity could be catastrophic, and potentially bring about the end of the business itself.

It now becomes our responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen. Take the restaurants for example. Many of them have closed their dining rooms, however, they are still accepting take out orders. So, just because we can not sit in the restaurant and dine at the moment, does not mean that we should abandon them. They have been there for us through it all, and now it is our turn to pay it back.

Local grocery stores are also working diligently to ensure the safety of their customers and make sure that we have access to as much stock as we possibly can in light of the circumstances. We should shop these stores when at all possible, because we want them to still be there when all of this passes over.

These businesses do more than provide us with these essential services, however, they are the backbone of our local economy. There is not an economist one who is expecting this to leave the economy anywhere unscathed, but we can work our hardest to prevent major losses.

There is not one of us that will not be affected by this. We need to come together and lift each other up, that is the only way we can beat this.

If we all work together, by following the guidelines we have been given and supporting one another when possible, we can come out on top, and recover what we lose.

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