Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and that means that many of us will be participating in the tradition of gift giving to our significant others.

While many of us may be quick to jump online and order something, may we suggest an alternate option? Shop local.

We are a strong supporter of shopping local and keeping your hard-earned money here in your town. It means more to them than it ever would to a multi-billion dollar company. There are numerous gifts just waiting to be given from local businesses.

Want to give someone a nice dinner, there are plenty of restaurants. No Way Jose, Moore’s, Saxon’s, the Wildcat Diner, Brody’s and many others that would love to have your business. If you want to give that added bonus of preparing the meal yourself, then perhaps visit Grocer’s Pride or Houlka Supermarket. Food Giant and Sav A Lot could fix you up nicely as well.

Say you want to give flowers to that special someone, well, look no further than Clark’s Parrish St. Florist or Casey and Company.

For gifts that range from clothing to décor and just about everything in between, visit any one of the many boutiques in Houston, Houlka and Okolona. They will surely give you the right gift for the right person.

We say all of this to say, if you can keep it local this Valentine’s Day, that special someone isn’t the only one you will be making happy.

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