Barry Dendy with his plaque for his 2018 induction into the Chickasaw County Fire Services Hall of Fame.

We at the Chickasaw Journal were heartbroken to hear of the passing of a true pillar of our community, Barry Dendy.

There was hardly a person in the area who did not know Barry. He was as kind-hearted of a person as you would ever meet, and his smile could light up a room.

Many of us knew him in some way, whether it was from him running our water system, to being chief of the Woodland Volunteer Fire Department or any other number of the projects he did, and believe us, there were many.

He would always help out his fellow man, even if it called for the shirt off of his back.

There are fewer and fewer people like him today. It is apparent he was loved due to the outpour of sadness over his passing as well as support for his family.

That is something that is hard to find nowadays.

In the big cities, people are only brought together in mourning over some great tragedy, however, the passing of a single individual, unless they carry some celebrity about them, goes largely unnoticed.

Small communities like us here in Chickasaw County do mourn the loss of individuals though. We most likely know these people, but even if we did not, we still mourn for their families because we have compassion for our fellow man. We have all experienced loss, and we know the hurt they are feeling.

Barry Dendy was part of the backbone of Chickasaw County, and he will be sorely missed. We miss him and honor his memory. We lift up his family and ask that they be comforted in this time of sorrow.

We also want to extend our personal condolences to the family from the staff at the Chickasaw Journal. We are praying for you all.

Our community may have lost a great man, but Heaven gained a great angel. R.I.P Barry Dendy, June 3, 2020.

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