Aniston Criddle

It seems to me the worst always happens right before the best.

And that is really something. It gives me hope, faith, and courage. It gives me a positive mindset and thoughts that linger in clouds that should be labeled “possible outcomes for the good”.

The feeling I get when something bad happens isn’t a temporary sad, depressing feeling.

At times, yes it can be and this is so normal. But more times than not, it gives me a feeling of renewal. Just as if it’s all about to change and I am about to see God show out.

Now I know sometimes it feels sticky and as if you’re doing nothing with your life. This is normal too! But maybe a scenario will help with the thoughts that clutter your mind when that “bad thing” happens and crashes everything, as though it seems.

A tidal wave, for instance. It comes in strong sometimes, sometimes tiny, so tiny you can walk right through it.

But those other times when the flags are out and the people are not in sight, that’s when it gets “bad”. You feel as if you’re alone.

I am here to tell you, you’re not. So keep thinking…. after that tidal wave makes its appearance, it comes in and maybe it speeds up. And then it hits you and washes over you.

That is where the renewal, un-sticky feeling comes from.

So, maybe you’re in the midst of your ” bad” right now. Maybe you’ve already experienced it. Either way, I hope you see and know it gets better and think of it as a tidal wave.

Make peace in the midst of the ache. Of the uncomfortableness. Of the waiting.

Aniston is a Junior at Houston High School who writes inspirational pieces both for our publication and for her website at

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