As I exited the car to enter my home on that crisp September night, I felt that all to familiar hand of fall brushing the nape of my neck with its loving caress. It said to me “It is almost time.”

To which I replied “As it should be.”

The cool breeze, still warmed by the heat of an August that never seemed to end, blew through the trees, leading them to perform their ceremonial dance of the season, signaling an end to the summer, and the coming of fall.

I have made no attempts to hide my love for the fall season. It is my favorite time of year.

The leaves begin to change color, creating a vast inferno of blazing landscapes that stretch for miles in either direction.

It is beautiful, and it conjures up feelings of oneness with nature. We are all of us flawed, and in this flawed state, we can be made to feel less in the beauty of nature. However, in fall, things begin changing, signifying that change is inevitable, and nothing is perfect.

It is the time of year when the days become shorter, and the nights long, the air has a nip to it that can elicit a feeling of warmth to any and all. Contradictory as this may seem, it is all too true.

Children emerge from their homes to enjoy some much needed play without the 100+ degree days that are customary for Mississippi throughout much of the year.

I have always been a fan of the season. It is almost poetic. It is the time of year when everything seems to fall in place, and worries begin to melt away. It bridges the gap between summer and the holidays. It signifies the nearing of a new year full of new surprises.

I have endured significant change in the last year, losing my grandmother and the shutting down of the world due to COVID. It is time for a new season in my life, and I welcome it with open arms.

I embrace the coming cold for I know that on the other side is warmth unimaginable as I spring forth from the cocoon of this phase a butterfly of experiences, good and bad, that have brought me to where I am today.

All of us must embrace change, it is the natural order of things. However, how we chose to do so is completely up to us. That is the beauty of fall, change finds us, but fall shows us its not that bad.

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