MJ Smith uses his size to go up for one of his Houston-famous slam dunks.

HOUSTON – The 1-0 Houston Hilltoppers took to their home court on Thursday night to square off against the 0-2 West Point Green Wave.

The Toppers, who won their last game against Bruce with a commanding victory performed well against the Wave, taking the match 85-41.

The Toppers were a bit out of sync early, but soon found their rhythm and took off from there, according to head coach Chris Pettit.

“We have a little bit of cohesiveness, but we lost two to quarantine yesterday and that was big for us, but I thought they did a really good job playing together,” said Pettit. “Sometimes we want to play as fast as we can when we don't have some of these who want to get patient. This time we almost got too patient on the offensive end. In the third quarter we came out and got to running the floor like what we are supposed to look like. Defensively, especially second half, I just thought we came out and did what we were supposed to and put the game away.”

Pettit said that there were players who gave it their all and put on the performance that he wanted to see from them.

“MJ [Smith], we want him to dominate this year, I thought he did a really good job, even double teamed a few times inside he was pretty dominant. I thought Red Parker played good, Shemar [Crawford] got his groove going. Everybody stepped on the floor and contributed and did something good for us tonight.”

The Toppers are looking to the future following the win. They will take on the Houlka Wildcats on the road on Tuesday, Nov. 24. The game was rescheduled from the original date of Nov. 10 due to the Wildcats being quarantined.

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