HOUSTON – The Houston Hilltoppers (6-0) took to the field for their homecoming bout against the South Pontotoc Cougars on Friday night.

While the Cougars would strike back late, the game belonged to the Toppers, taking home the “w” 48-21, and continuing their undefeated streak.

The Toppers started off a bit slow, with a muffed opening kick off narrowly recovered, however, what mistakes they did make became fewer and farther between.

Jalen Washington utilized the outside edge, running around the defense several times for big gains, including the opening drive, to set them up in Cougar territory.

The Toppers capitalized on the run with quarterback Red Parker using his legs to pick up a 31-yard touchdown run.

The kicking by Joby King was fairly consistent throughout the night as well.

The biggest threat for the Toppers was the duo of Parker and Washington, who both used their legs to pick up yards and break the plane several times throughout the night.

William Vance also had a good night on both sides of the ball.

He picked up an interception early in the game, as well as a few receptions on offense.

The Cougars offered a little resistance on defense, stifling the Toppers on a few drives, especially early on, however, between penalties and big running plays, the Toppers ran away with the game.

The Toppers look to continue their win streak this Friday when they travel to North Pontotoc.

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