From left: Ariuana Nash, Cynthia Cruz and Cristal Solis lead everyone in a singing of the Alma Mater.

VARDAMAN – The Vardaman High School Class of 2021 took to Carter Field to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance on Friday night, to take the next step in their lives.

Led on to the field by Valedictorian Emily Gaskin, graduates marched, one by one, to their seats, awaiting that sought after moment when they are handed their diploma, and the journey is complete.

Along the way, several students were recognized for their achievements by principal, Dr. Tim Cook.

The awards recognized, and their recipients included:

Valedictorian: Emily Gaskin

Salutatorian: Alaina Edington

Star Student: Alaina Edington

Special Honors: Emily Gaskin, Alaina Edington. Emily Edmundson, Justin Spencer and Ximena Medina

Honors: Cristal Solis, Britton Bailey, Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Sabrina Alrfaro, Kobe Poynor, Ariuana Nash, Gavin Caples, Adrienne Myers and Kevin Johnson

FFA: Sabrina Alfaro, Larry Bullard, Gavin Caples, Cynthia Cruz, Emily Edmundson, Emily Gaskin, Landon Logan, Adrienne Myers, Ariuana Nash, Teeyana Mims, Cristal Solis, Andrew Thomas and BJ Wilson

FCCLA: Sabrina Afaro, Cynthia Cruz, Alaina Edington, Emily Edmundson, Emily Gaskin, Claire Gibson, Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Cristina Guerrero, Landon Logan, Esmeralda Murillo, Ariuana Nash and Cristal Solis

Beta: Sabrina Alfaro, Britton Bailey, Gavin Caples, Aliana Edington, Emily Edmundson, Emily Gaskin, Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Baylen Hill, Kevin Johnson, Ximena Medina, Adrienne Myers, Ariuana Nash, Kobe Poynor, Cristal Solis, Justin Spencer and Gabrielle Torres

Vocational Completers: Sabrina Alfaro, Esmeralda Murillo, Andrew Thomas, Jose Pachacano, Leo Lopez, Alaina Edington, Gabriela Torres, Cynthia Cruz, Ariuana Nash, Cristal Solis, Emily Edmundson, Claire Gibson, Cristina Gonzalez and John Laster

Hall of Fame: Britton Bailey, Alaina Edington, Emily Edmundson, Emily Gaskin, Kevin Johnson, Ariuana Nash and Cristal Solis

Fine Art Completer: Sabrina Alfaro, Britton Bailey, Gavin Caples, Cynthia Cruz, Arasely Gonzalez, David Gonzalez, Bridget Hernandez, Ximena Medina, Claire Gibson, Cristal Solis and Cristina Gonzalez

AEST Completer: Larry Bullard, Emily Edmundson, Arasely Gonzalez, David Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, Jose Pachacano, Sabrina Alfaro, Gavin Caples, Ximena Medina, Esmeralda Murillo and Justin Spencer

Class Salutatorian Alaina Edington addressed the crowd and her fellow graduates speaking about times past, and looking to the future.

She spoke about the unique situations in which the class found themselves up against this school year.

“This year has been unusual to say the least,” she said. “We have had to wear masks everyday, eat lunch in our classrooms and socially distance ourselves. We have missed weeks of school due to snow, tornado damage and being quarantined. Against all these obstacles, we are all still standing here before you today receiving our diplomas.”

She also spoke about the relationships they had built, and the importance of what school means to each of them.

“A school is not a building or a sports team, a school is the people who go there everyday and grow and learn together. You all made my time here unforgettable and so special.”

She wished her classmates luck on their respective paths, and turned the mic over to Gaskin, the Valedictorian.

“We have had our ups and downs this year, but we all survived COVID and ended up having a pretty good year,” she said. “...As we come to the end of this journey, know that this is not the end of the book. This is you just simply turning the page to a new chapter of your life. This is our new beginning, and every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

As the ceremony closed, Dr. Cook presented the graduates with their diplomas, and they moved their tassels.

Once they tossed the caps, it was official, they were high school graduates.

The graduates included:

Sabrina Alyssa Alfaro

Britton Edward Bailey

Alan Emanuel Bejarano

Larry Wayne Bullard

Andrea Castronovo

Gavin Wyatt Caples

Cynthia Guadalupe Cruz

Ruby Alaina Edington

Emily Gail Edmundson

William Grant Fugett

Emily Nicole Gaskin

Jennifer Claire Gibson

Angly Juliet Gonzalez

Arasely Gonzalez

Cristian Manual Ramos Gonzalez

Dana Kristal Gonzalez

David Gonzalez

Juan Manuel Rios Gonzalez

Maria Cristina Gonzalez

Cristina Gurerro

Christina Gutierrez

Emily Alexis Haire

Litzy Bridgette Hernandez

James Baylen Hill

Kevin Arturo Johnson Rodriguez

Kaitlin Grace Lansdell

John Edward Laster

Dewey Carl Lester

Landon Shed Logan

Leonel Lopez

Ximena Medina

Chole Renee McGreger

Teeyana Rysha Mims

Esmeralda Murillo

Adrienne Claire Myers

Ariuana Versha Nash

Jose Juan Pachacano

Trina Renae Porter

Kobe Brice Poynor

Cristal Solis

Justin Parker Spencer

Estevan Jesus Soto

Wesley Andrew Thomas

Gabrriela Torres

Jacob Nathan Turner and

Billy Jack Wilson

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