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Vardaman took the field against West Lowndes for its homecoming game.

VARDAMAN – Vardaman High sadly could not hold out for a win for their homecoming game, losing 42-7 against the West Lowndes Panthers.

With the score being so lopsided you would think that West Lowndes was a train that could not be stopped. However, Vardaman played with a level of grit that would make any football fan smile.

Early on Vardaman suffocated the offense of the Panthers. The Rams would not make this easy. Each play West Lowndes would call, Vardaman was there trying to answer. Now they did not answer all of the time obviously, however, they were playing one of the best teams in their division. West Lowndes had, up until recently, been undefeated.

While the Panthers’ score may make it seem like a sloppy game was played by Vardaman that is far from the truth. West Lowndes only scored on lucky plays and kept the ball moving with costly penalties from the Rams. Vardaman kept breaking up passes with number 10 Jaderious Shaw and number 13 Matthew Clark, who showed outstanding athleticism by going up for every ball they could.

What ended up being the downfall of Vardaman was just tired players. With players playing on both sides of the ball, it is not hard to figure out how they got so tired.

Up next Vardaman will face off against 4-1 Smithville.

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