HOUSTON With his retirement drawing ever-closer, then Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles wanted to honor a few people he felt helped him along the way.

Meeting at the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, Voyles surprised some of the employees with plaques thanking them for their help throughout his time as chief.

“I just wanted to show my appreciation,” said Voyles. “I’ve enjoyed working with the Sheriff and all of his staff.”

The plaques, presented to each of the four recipients, said it had been an honor to serve with them.

The recipients included Sheriff James Meyers, Investigator Terry Ward, Investigator Dwight Parker and 911 Director Barry Martin.

Voyles said that he knew it wasn’t much, but he just wanted to show some form of appreciation for the countless hours of hard work that these people had put into helping him while he was chief.

Voyles officially retired as of June 30.

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