The season of football is wrapping up.

While I am saddened by this, i am also happy. Not for the ending of one sport, but for the beginning of another.

Basketball is a fantastic sport full of drama and grit that is played out inside basketball arenas around the state.

However, this year basketball brings about another emotion. Fear. Due to the nature of the game, it is one of, if not the only sport to be played inside by most high schools in our state. During normal years this is no problem, but during these unprecedented times, it seems like a prime place for COVID-19 to spread.

With fans being brought inside to cheer for their team, we may see a new spike of cases. Even players being inside and all touching a common object, the ball, could be at a higher risk. There are of course new restrictions that will hopefully keep everyone as safe as possible, but there have already been issues with teams needing to quarantine in their preseason practices.

Hopefully, all coaches and school administration will follow all of their guidelines to a T so that we can ensure the safety of basketball fans and players. Though these restrictions are not fun, they do seem to help based on the current information that we have.

So, here is hoping for a safe and fulfilling basketball season from a sports reporter who only wants to see good games and good experiences from the student-athletes.

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