Alan Moya lets the pitch fly. 

HOULKA – The Houlka Wildcats took to their home diamond for the first time this season last week, when they faced off against the Hamilton Lions.

However, the scales were solidly tipped in favor of the Lions, as they took home the win 18-0.

The Wilscats struggled on both sides of the ball.

The pitching from Alan Moya was good, but he struggled when going deep into an inning.

The hitting from Hamilton tore the defense apart as well.

There were several hits into the gaps as well as some dropped balls that led to the score being run up.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Wildcats were able to get some hits, but they were unable to cross the plate.

They almost scored in the first inning, when Colby Burgess came home, however, the score didn't count and he was ejected after failing to slide and running into the catcher.

This affected the morale of the team and it seemed to follow them the rest of the game.

The age of the team also presented an issue.

With many of them being young players, they were unable to make many of the plays that will most likely become second nature in their later years.

They look to put this behind them and move forward with a clean slate.

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