WOODLAND – The Woodland Board of Aldermen met for their monthly meeting at town hall on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Among the business conducted was the discussion about the town's annual Christmas lights display.

The lights, which draw people from all over, will not be as large of a display this year as they have been in previous years.

This is due to the time needed to put the entire display together as well as the maintenance needed to ensure that the display is in working order.

The board decided that with everything going on and the people who usually help with set up being largely unavailable this year, they will be doing a limited display.

There will be lights and wood signs throughout the town, as well as the lamp post lights and the Christmas Trees lining the main street.

“We just want to do what we can,” said Mayor Patti Pettit.

Pettit also pitched the idea of an “old fashioned” door-to-door trick or treat for the kids.

The board agreed that this was a good idea, and they were all going to ask people to have candy on hand for the trick or treaters.

Aldermen also:

– Approved minutes from the last meeting.

-- Approved paying the bills.

– Reviewed the list of sewage payments.

– Reviewed the sales tax records for September, which were in good standing.

– Decided to go back to the drawing board about the mailboxes that were discussed at the Sep. meeting.

– Approved paying travel for Town Clerk Reta Laney to Jackson for the winter education course, where she will attend a mandatory election course.

– Discussed the small municipalities grant which they had applied for to add on to the clinic. The mayor has been in contact with the legislators for the area, trying to do all she can to ensure that Woodland is chosen.

The recipients will be announced at the end of Oct. or the beginning of Nov.

– Adjourned.

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