WOODLAND – The people of Woodland were treated to a surprise last week when the circus came to town. Woodland hosted the circus on Monday, Oct. 7.

It was a new experience for the town, but they welcomed it wholeheartedly, as was apparent by the large turnout. There were so many people, they had to bring out another set of bleachers just to accommodate everyone.

“Our attendance was very good,” said Woodland Mayor Patti Pettit. “I believe it was better than expected. They actually had to put out additional seats before the show could start.”

While out decorating the town for the fall season, Mayor Pettit was approached by Tony Luna. He asked if the town would be interested in having a circus. She said yes and was excited about the prospect of something new coming to town. She immediately reached out to Lorene Hamilton and asked for permission to use her land, and according to the mayor, Hamilton was just as excited as she was.

“Bringing things to Woodland for all to enjoy is what we like best,” said Pettit.

The circus was the Luna Brothers’ Circus. They described themselves as a small, family circus that stops in the small towns where big circuses just will not. They also did two shows in Houston on Wednesday and Thursday.

They explained that since they were just a small family circus, they did not have animals in their act, except of course for Bingo the Wonder Doggie. However, they wowed the audience with a variety of acts such as a clown who also did magic tricks, juggling flaming objects, a contortionist, a wobble board and even some trapeze.

The crowd came to life and really seemed to enjoy the show, and the night seemed to go smoothly.

“The Luna Brothers’ Circus was a lot of fun,” said Pettit. “They are a very hardworking family for sure. I believe that all who attended had a great time. As always, I must say a huge thank you to the Woodland Volunteer Fire Department for helping with traffic and parking. They are always willing to lend a helping hand.”

According to Pettit, Luna said they typically return to an area every couple of years, and he asked to return to Woodland. To which she said “of course!”

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