Jordan Ford

Jordan Ford read his book, “The Plane Who Couldn’t Fly” at the Houston Library.

HOUSTON – Eight-year-old author Jordan Ford was at the Houston Carnegie Library on Thursday, July 25 reading his book, “The Plane Who Couldn’t Fly”, to a group of children.

Doctors told Jordan’s parents when he was born that he may never talk. However, they did not let that dictate his life. They worked tirelessly with him and encouraged him and now he is talking as well as being a published author.

He attends school at Milwaukee College Prep, but he has ties to Houston. His grandmother, Vanessa Ford, is a Houston resident. His other Grandmother, Tracy Crayton, is a resident of Tupelo.

He reads at a sixth grade reading level, and is at the top of his class.

Jordan loves dinosaurs and can name a dinosaur who’s name starts with any letter of the alphabet. He also knows all of the planets and their order.

He is also working on another book called “The Three Little Velociraptors”.

He had some advice for the children present.

“Never give up and remember to always follow your dreams,” said Ford.

Copies of “The Plane Who Couldn’t Fly” can be obtained through

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