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#1486410 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF LEE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI MICHAEL YOUNG PLAINTIFF VS. KATHERINE YOUNG DEFENDANT CAUSE NO. 2019-1222-41-T SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY OF LEE TO: KATHERINE YOUNG Address Unknown You have been made a Defendant in a Complaint filed within the Court by Michael Young, seeking a Divorce in the above-numbered and styled cause. You are summoned to appear and defend against said Complaint for Divorce filed against you in this action on the 2nd day of April 2020, in the Lee County Justice Center, located at 200 West Jefferson Street, Tupelo, Mississippi 38804 at 9:00 a.m. and in case of your failure to appear and defend a judgment will be entered against you for the things demanded in the Complaint for Divorce. You are required to mail or hand-deliver a copy of a written response to the Complaint to William C. Stennett, the attorney for the Plaintiff, whose address is 319 West Jefferson Street, Suite A, Tupelo, Mississippi 38804. Your response must be mailed or delivered within (30) days from the date of delivery of this Summons and Complaint for Divorce or a judgment by default will be entered against you for the money or other things demanded in the Complaint. You must also file the original of your response with the Clerk of this Court within a reasonable time afterward. Issued under my hand and seal of said Court, this the 6th day of February, 2020. /s/Bill Benson Lee Chancery Court Clerk BY: /s/Lisa Diallo DEPUTY CLERK (SEAL) February 14, 21, 28, 2020


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