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I am Jeff Wilburn, a lifelong resident of the Big Oak
community, and I believe I’m the best choice to be the new
Supervisor for the Third District of Itawamba County.

Since my roots are firmly planted in this community, I have an intense desire to serve
the citizens of this district. I’m the son of the late H.L. “Did” Wilburn and Rachel
Loden Wilburn. I’ve been married to Lisa Graham Wilburn for 35 years. We have
two sons, Brent and Brandon, and four grandchildren. I’m an active member of Big
Oak Baptist Church, where I’ve attended my entire life.
I’m a 1979 graduate of IAHS. Then I accepted a position at Krueger Metal in Tupelo, where I worked for 15
years, ultimately being promoted to Lead Man. For the
past 25 years, I’ve worked full-time in the cattle and hay
business. I know what it’s like to work under a budget
and understand the importance of making every dollar
Due to the various jobs I’ve held, I’ve been around machinery all my life. I want to use that knowledge and pair
it with the rest of what the Supervisor position includes.
I want to make sure your roads are the best they can be.
I want to help bring industry to this county. And, most
importantly, I want to make sure your tax dollars are
spent in your best interest.
I know it’s impossible to speak face-to-face with everyone, so let me take this opportunity to sincerely ask for your vote and support. On August 6, please vote Jeff
Wilburn as your next Third District Supervisor.

Vote for Jeff Wilburn
for Supervisor District 3
Itawamba County

Political ad paid for and approved by Jeff Wilburn


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