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Itawamba County
Women at Work
Attention Business Owners:

Are there women working in
your business, and the
company just couldn’t make it
without their expertise?
Recognize those wonderful ladies in
The Itawamba County Times
Women At Work section, with a
thank you ad in appreciation of
all they do to make things roll
in your business.
Your ad will run alongside the
features of 8 women
chosen through nominations
submitted to our website.

This section will feature photos and info about women in Itawamba
County which have been chosen from nominations.
Place your thank you ad and let women know how much they are
appreciated every day.

Ad Deadline: September 19, 2019
Section publishes: September 25, 2019
Ad Sizes
6 column x 10”
6 column x 5”
3 column x 5”
3 column x 3”


Please call Shelley Ozbirn at 662-655-2141 to reserve space today.

106 West Main Street * Fulton, MS 38843


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