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The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Amory, will
on the first Tuesday of June, that being June 2, 2020 make
one (1) appointment to the Amory Municipal Library Board.
One appointment will be for an expired term of five (5) year
term to expire July 2025.
If you are interested in serving on the Amory Municipal
Library Board, you must write a letter of introduction to the
Mayor and Board of Aldermen outlining your experience.
Your letter must be received not later than 5:00 o’clock p.m.
on Monday, June 1, 2020. Please indicate on the outside of
the envelope ‘Library Board’. Your letter may be hand
delivered to the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall or mailed to
the following address:
City Clerk
City of Amory, Mississippi
P. O. Drawer 457
Amory, MS 38821-0457


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