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Hello citizens of Aberdeen. My name is Mike Bunch and I am running for Mayor of
Aberdeen. I am a lifelong resident of Monore County, living in Gibson until we moved
to Aberdeen. I graduated from AHS in 1976, a bicentennial grad in which I am very
proud of. I attended Mississippi State University and got a degree in Elementary Education, doing my student teaching at the elementary school here in 1980. After much
consideration, I decided to go into the family business, which is Bunch Farm Service
here in Aberdeen. That's right, I have been part of a business here in Aberdeen for
40 years. I am so lucky to have met my wife of almost 40 years, Angie Bunch, at
college. She taught at Vine street Elementary school for 20 years. We have two sons,
Daniel and Lee, Two daughters-in-law, Vic and Megan and last but not least two of
the cutest little granddaughters you have ever seen, Rae Ann and Maddie. We have a
cattle operation here in Aberdeen as well.
I am fully invested in my home town. I am not one to make promises, especially ones
that are unrealistic to keep. But this promise I will make to you. No one will work
harder for Aberdeen than I will. I have several ideas to enhance our already beautiful
city. I want to bring some family activities back to Aberdeen that we had many years
ago. I want to have some things available for our children to participate in. And, as
you all know, we have many buildings that are empty, and I want to find ways to fill
them. But one thing all of us must realize, these things cannot and will not happen
overnight. It is going to take everyone working together to get these things to happen.
I want you all to be a part of this endeavor.
How you may ask? My plan is to form a citizen's advisory board, comprised by at
least two members of each ward and representatives of our main street businesses.
This way, we, the mayor and board, can hear your concerns and ideas prior to the
regular board meetings. This will give us a chance to discuss them and come up
with resolutions. I firmly believe that we must build our town from within instead of
from the outside. We all must come together for the betterment of our town and work
tirelessly. There is so much potential here. And we can make a difference together.
So, as you are awaiting the July 7th election, I ask you to prayerfully consider me as
your next mayor. I also ask you to start now, praying for our board. We are taught in
the Bible to pray for our leaders, and now is as good a time as any to start. Thank you
in advance for your consideration, and your prayers. And I unashamedly ask you to
vote for Mike Bunch for Mayor of Aberdeen.

Sincerely, Mike Bunch


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