1870 The Lee County Journal is established, with George Herndon as its first owner-editor.

1872 The Lee County Journal is renamed the Tupelo Standard.

1873 The newspaper is renamed again, from the Tupelo Standard to the Mississippi Journal. It will then be renamed again to the Tupelo Journal.

1877 George Herndon sells the Tupelo Journal to his brother, John. G. Herndon who, later in the same year, himself sells the paper to John Miller.

1886 Miller takes an active leadership role in the effort to win Tupelo a second railroad line, a potent economic prospect.

1892 J.H. Miller sells the Tupelo Journal to J.B. Ballard. A young editor-publisher, Ballard dies only six years later, in 1898.

1898 James Kincannon buys the Tupelo Daily Journal.

1905 James Kincannon dies, and his son, F.L. Kincannon, takes over as editor.

1934 George McLean purchases the Tupelo Daily Journal.

1936 The newspaper begins to publish more frequently and renames itself the Tupelo Daily Journal.

1947 Harry Rutherford is hired as the newspaper’s editor, a position he will hold for 30 years, until his death.

1948 George McLean is a founding member of the Community Development Foundation.

1972 The CREATE Foundation is established by George McLean as a philanthropic entity and will become the owner of the newspaper after McLean’s death.

1972 The Journal names Norma Fields as its state capitol correspondent in Jackson, making her the first woman to cover the capitol as a full-time reporter.

1973 The newspaper is renamed again, becoming the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – which remains the name of the paper to this day.

1976 Gene Roberts is named publisher, which he remained until he retired.

1977 James Graham is named editor of the newspaper.

1979 The Daily Journal donates $1 million to launch a reading program in Lee County schools.

1983 George McLean dies, and his widow Anna Keirsey McLean becomes chairman of the newspaper board as the CREATE Foundation assumes ownership.

1984 Tom Pittman is named the Daily Journal’s editor.

1988 The Daily Journal prints its first Sunday edition.

1989 Billy Crews is named publisher.

1991 The Journal purchases the Aberdeen Examiner and the Amory Advertiser.

1992 Lloyd Gray is named editor of the Daily Journal, a position he will hold for 23 years.

1995 The Journal launches its first website, djournal.com.

1995 The Journal purchases the Pontotoc Progress.

1997 The Journal invests $750,000 in regional community development.

1998 Publisher Billy Crews named chairman of the newspaper’s board of directors following the retirement of Anna Keirsey McLean.

2000 Anna Keirsey McLean dies.

2005 The Journal purchases the Houston Times-Post and The Monitor Herald of Calhoun City.

2008 The Journal buys New Albany News-Exchange, Southern Advocate (Ashland) and the Southern Sentinel (Ripely).

2010 Clay Foster named chief executive officer of Journal Inc., having been named publisher already the year before.

2013 The Journal buys the New Albany Gazette.

2015 Rod Guajardo named editor of the Daily Journal.

2018 William Bronson III named chief executive officer and publisher of Journal Inc.

2019 Elizabeth Walters is named executive editor, the first woman to hold the top position in the Daily Journal newsroom. She is the sixth editor in the 85 years since George McLean purchased the newspaper in 1934.


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