The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will soon have a new officer on duty thanks to a donation from the Dalrymple Family Foundation. Last week, the board of supervisors authorized to enter into a contract accepting the donation.

“The dog is actually in place and came from The Netherlands,” said board attorney David Houston. “She’ll go through a two-week introductory training with Cayce Minich, who’s the officer who will be handling the dog, at Camp Shelby. The dog has already had extensive training, but this is to get them together so they’re comfortable working with each other.”

While the female dog is in service, she will be property of the MCSO. When she goes out of service, the donor, Martha Dalrymple, will have the first right of refusal of ownership.

Supervisors approved to prepare a resolution thanking Dalrymple for her contribution to the county.

The board also approved an insurance policy covering the K9, which is $1,050 annually. It covers a range of circumstances including theft and health issues.

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