When pondering the greatest achievements of humankind, one could list any number of things. Ocean voyages, space travel, democracy and modern medicine are all worthy of that level of recognition but when it comes to what really inspires people, The Times believes art to be one of the noblest of human endeavors.

This week we feature a couple from the Tremont area who are turning an old school bus, or skoolie, into not just a home, but an artistic expression of their future aspirations. The Herrington’s are taking imagination, tenacity, and patience and building the life they want – one mini project at a time.

We hope you read last week’s edition of The Times where we featured our very own Shelley Ozbirn on our Community page. Growing up, Ozbirn had something priceless – creative encouragement from her family, which may be why, after years of not painting, she answered the calling to pick it back up again.

Life is no hay-ride. Work, family, paying bills, and all those other things can often dull the senses and make us think what we need most is just to get to the house and settle into another Netflix binge, but the human spirit wants to be inspired and wants to inspire others. There are many ways to accomplish this and anything done for the enjoyment of doing it, be it painting or gardening, writing, renovating a school bus, or caring for another, can be considered art.

We hope you enjoy reading about the nomadic hippies this week and, if you missed last week’s edition, you can read the feature about Ozbirn’s paintings on The Times website.

Perhaps you may become inspired to create something yourself, or you can encourage someone else to step out and try something new.

Times are hard, folks. Let’s get creative.

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