Varsity members of the Itawamba Agricultural High School swim team qualified to compete in the upcoming North Half Championships, last Thursday.

Despite none of the members winning the season opening meet in Starkville, the day ended as an overall success. Junior Eliza Johnson finished second in both of her events, and freshman Brennan Chatham posted a time of 29.0 in the 50-yard freestyle which was an improvement of around three seconds over his 2018 times.

Johnson and senior Jake Morgan both earned points in the meet as did the relay teams.

The girls’ team finished fifth overall and first among Class I schools. The boys finished 10th.


• Girls 200-yard medley relay: seventh – team included Eliza Johnson, Ava Armstrong, Anna Boggs and Jenna Claire Johnson

• Boys 200-yard medley relay: 11th – team included Jake Morgan, Brennan Chatham, Noah Evans and Maddox Hendricks

• Boy’s 200-yard freestyle: 10th – Jake Morgan

• Girl’s 50-yard freestyle: 19th- Anna Boggs; 20th – Kinsey Plunkett; 22nd- Lauren Johnson; 26th – Addy Williamson; 32nd – Natalia Rodriguez

• Boy’s 50-yard freestyle: 27th – Noah Evans; 29th – Brennan Chatham; 47th – Maddox Hendricks; 48th – Jason Wiginton

• Girl’s 100-yard butterfly: second – Eliza Johnson

• Girl’s 100-yard freestyle: 18th – Kinsey Plunkett; 19th – Anna Boggs; 23rd – Ava Armstrong; 25th – Jenna Claire Johnson; 30th – Natalia Rodriguez

• Boy’s 100-yard freestyle: 21st – Noah Evans; 28th – Brenna Chatham; 53rd – Jason Wiginton; 54th – Maddox Hendricks

• Girl’s 200-yard freestyle relay: seventh – team included: Kinsey Plunkett; Addy Williamson; Ava Armstrong; Natalia Rodriguez

• Boy’s 200-yard freestyle relay: 11th – team included: Jake Morgan; Jason Wiginton; Maddox Hendricks, Sam Holland

• Girl’s 100-yard backstroke: second – Eliza Johnson; 17th – Addy Williamson

• Girl’s 100-yard breaststroke: 13th – Ava Armstrong

• Boys 100-yard breaststroke: 18th – Jake Morgan

• Girls’ 400-yard freestyle relay: 5th – team included Jenna Claire Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Eliza Johnson and Kinsey Plunkett

North Half qualifiers: Eliza Johnson, Jake Morgan, Maddox Hendricks, Jason Wiginton, Ava Armstrong, Jenna Claire Johnson, Brennan Chatham, Noah Evans, Anna Boggs, Kinsey Plunkett, Lauren Johnson, Addy Williamson, Natalia Rodriguez and Sam Holland.

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