Many Fultonians know the small drive-through coffee shop on Interchange Drive. Most people pass by on their way to Walmart, the strip mall and other various places. The stand has experienced seasons of plenty and of drought, but the Franks are here to change that.

When the owner of the stand contacted Brad and Tiffany Franks about the business opportunity in Fulton, it just made perfect sense to the couple. The duo had always loved Itawamba County and the Fulton area. Despite some local concern, the couple’s roots run deep here because of various family ties and friendly connections.

“Our only goal is to put locals first and since we love what we do, it is not that hard,” the couple said.

On Monday, November 18, 2019, the couple opened up Crave at 414 Interchange Drive. The outpouring of love and support the Franks have received from the community has been astounding. The business gets around 130-150 customers a day at the Fulton location.

But just like every other business, being entrepreneurs has its challenges. Tiffany disclosed that meeting city codes and finding the right employees can always be challenging.

The couple credits their success to their 40 plus employees. Operating three businesses can become a challenge for the Franks, but having people who put in the work and effort make everything worthwhile.

“If I can walk into any location wearing workout sweats and not be noticed, I am fine with that.” Brad said, “It’s about the food and the staff, not about getting our names out there.”

The business is steadily expanding by adding new locations, catering, and online ordering under their belt. The Fulton location is predominantly coffee right now, but the couple is working on online ordering in hopes to expand their menu.

“Good employees make the business easy and having a good team drives the Crave train,” Tiffany said.

In the distant future, the Franks hope that one of their children or long-time employees will pick up the business to make it a generational business and a staple in north Mississippi. As for the near future, the duo is hoping to expand more and add to their business portfolio. When discussing their outlook on the future, Brad is satisfied with trusting his wife’s intuition.

“Her instincts have always been very good about our business ventures,” Brad said when talking about his opinion on expansion, “My wife is always right.”

For a location that has long since been a revolving door, the Franks hope to have all the ingredients to be a long-lasting brew in Fulton.

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