Whether you’re buying for yourself or a significant other, Valentine’s Day just isn’t complete without something decadently sweet for your taste buds.

Nothing elicits thoughts of romance quite like fresh fruit covered in sweet chocolate or sugary caramel and Brandi Owens is busy whipping up just the thing to make your Valentine’s Day complete.

Owens says that cooking and baking wasn’t something that just came naturally to her. She started out when she first got married by watching her mother-in-law.

“I stood over her shoulder and watched everything she did,” said Owens.

When she did begin cooking on her own, Owens says she really enjoyed experimenting and coming up with her own recipes.

The Owens children were gathered around a plate of warm blueberry scones and banana nut muffins, two recipes that Owens is particularly proud of and that her family enjoy regularly.

One night, when her sister was visiting from Huntsville, Alabama, a sudden craving hit and sparked a whole new culinary venture for Owens.

“I told her (sister) that I wish we had a carnival because I would love to have a caramel apple,” Owens recounted, “finally we decided that we’d just get the ingredients and make our own!”

That night Owens made her first batch of caramel dipped apples complete with homemade caramel.

It didn’t become a regular activity until the opportunity arose to participate in a fundraiser for Saint Jude.

“I tried to think of something I could do to raise some money, and finally it hit me: I could sell my apples!”

Owens did so, me experimenting with her caramel recipe until it was the perfect consistency.

“When you can see your reflection (in the caramel coating), that’s how you know it’s right,”

Ultimately Owens raised over $2,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital by selling her apples. It was then that she realized she really had something she could build on.

These days, Owens makes her apples to sell each year around Valentine’s Day, for special occasions and fundraisers.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but these apples will keep you in your significant other’s good graces, and sometimes that’s more important.

Last year, Owens sold approximately 80 apples covered in caramel and chocolate and topped with everything from pecans to M&Ms during the Valentine season.

This year she added Oreo covered apples to the mix and assures that she is able to accommodate most reasonable requests.

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