Eating Out: Guy's Place

Buoy burger with fries and a Mediterranean bean salad

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Where’d I eat: Guy’s Place

What’d I eat: Bouy Burger, fries, Mediterranean bean salad,strawberry cake

What’d I think:

There’s nothing like having a nice meal while watching the wildlife and different vessels navigate the Tenn-Tom Waterway, leaving large and small waves in their wake.

Midway Marina’s owners, Guy and Erin Conner, have catered to the local community and waterway travelers for years. Along with owning nearby cabins and the boat dealership in Peppertown, they have provided safe harbor to those wanting to dock and rest, as well as resources for those who want to fish or enjoy one of the many water sports.

Due to the loss of the nearby Waterfront Restaurant a while back, a local eatery has been a missing part of the available amenities, until now. Gina Hutson, Guy’s sister, recently retired from a lifetime of teaching and moved from Greenwood, Mississippi, to be closer to family. She’s partnered with Guy and Erin to open Guy’s Place on Water Dining.

Driving up to the facilities, you may not recognize the restaurant right away. It appears to be a small white building at the end of the drive. Upon reaching your destination, however, you’ll notice a multilevel structure stretching all the way down to the waterfront.

The restaurant has outdoor seating on the covered patio, which offers a perfect view of the Tenn-Tom Waterway and dock below. There’s also plenty of indoor seating with a comfortable vibe that you might experience at various seaside restaurants.

To complement the laid back atmosphere, Guy’s Place also offers a menu of tropical delights and local favorites ranging from fish, shrimp, gumbo, Greek and Mediterranean bean salads, hand-patted burgers and hand-cut steaks.

They have a dedicated dinner menu and also a lunch and anytime menu that will satisfy most any hunger. I made my first voyage to Guy’s Place around noon, so I took advantage of the anytime menu.

The BUOY Burger was enormous! It’s a thick, hand-patted certified Angus beef patty and comes dressed with an onion ring, pickles, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The burger was thick, juicy and delicious. It comes with a side and should accommodate any appetite.

Sticking with tradition, I choose fries for my side, but I was so intrigued with the Mediterranean bean salad. I had to sample a serving. It was loaded with giant white beans from Greece, marinated in a savory herb vinaigrette with sweet peppers and crumbled feta cheese. My friend Jason Beachum, who recently joined the crew at Guy’s Place, told me that the new addition to the menu has became such a popular item that some have even requested it become available as a main course. I totality agree!

For desert I went with the three-layer strawberry cake. It was moist, creamy, and totally delicious. The cakes are provided by Westside BBQ & Cakes in New Albany. They are widely known for their slow-cooked barbecue and homemade cakes and pies. So good!

Guy, Erin and Gina grew up in the deli restaurant business with their family and it shows. My first visit during their opening week was terrific, and I’m already looking forward to one of those hand cut steaks! See y’all soon at Guy’s Place!

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