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Where’d I eat: Dorsey Food Mart @ 3130 Highway 178, Dorsey

What’d I eat: Their new cafeteria style hot bar and fresh salad bar

What’d I think:

My family and I have been customers of Dorsey Food Mart since the early 80s. They are one of the leading butcher shops and grocery stores in our community, and we’ve all grown to depend on it.

Dorsey Food Mart not only offers fresh meat, vegetables, party platters, fried chicken, breakfast sandwiches and more, now they’ve raised the bar and added a daily cafeteria-style menu selection and salad fixings.

The hot plates are $5.99 each with a different menu each day. The salad bar is self-serve, so you can create your on masterpiece for $4.99 per pound!

For my first trip to the hot bar, I chose the Monday selection of hamburger steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. All foods are takeout, so after arriving home I dug in.

The meat was thick and tender. The combination of potatoes, hamburger steak with gravy has always been a favorite of mine, and Dorsey Food Mart’s definitely didn’t disappoint!

Add some fried okra for a touch of green surrounded by tasty deep fried breading and I’m a totally satisfied, happy camper!

We have always depended on Dorsey Food Mart for a bit of everything, from last-minute grocery’s, to gas for our vehicles and small engines. Now, there’s another reason to drop by.

Where’d I eat: Do Right Bar-B-Que @ 5385 Highway 178 West, Fulton

What’d I eat: BBQ nachos, brisket chili

What’d I think:

Just a quick shout-out to my neighborhood barbecue joint, Do Right Bar-B-Que. I ordered the loaded nachos for $8, and it was fully loaded! It was so much food, I couldn’t finish it all. That’s saying a lot for me!

They also have a couple new offerings just in time for the cooler weather and rapidly approaching holidays, smoked turkey and brisket chili. I sampled both while there.

No doubt, smoked turkey is at the top of most of our holiday menus. You can check out Do Right’s smoked turkey by dropping by and picking up one of their smoked turkey plates or smoked turkey club sandwiches. They can also hook you up for the holidays or any special occasion.

Also, their brisket chili was the bomb! Nice chunks of tomato, beans and loaded with brisket meat! I’ve judged several chili competitions, and this would have been a major contender in any of them!


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