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Where’d I eat: Mantachie Pizza & Sub

What’d I eat: Large pizza with 11 or more toppings; loaded oven fries; steak and cheese sub meal deal

What’d I think:

If you were driving through town, you'd probably never know Mantachie had a pizza and sub shop. But for the good folks of Itawamba County, Mantachie Pizza & Sub is a staple of local eateries. The shop has a hometown vibe but a menu selection that could rival the major restaurants.

There are a few tables for dinning in, but most of their business is to go. Although there are a couple other eating spots in town, Mantachie Pizza & Sub has a niche all their own.

People usually find a favorite food on a restaurant's menu and stick to it. I normally fall into that same category. However, after taking the time to study their menu and talk to a few longtime satisfied customers, I’ve discovered several tasty choices I’d overlooked over the years.

Their menu has many choices to choose from — pizzas and subs; a variety of salads, ranging from taco, tuna, chicken and chef salads; plus many other tasty treats like oven fries, cheese sticks, pastries and ice cream.

The loaded oven fries are something I hadn’t noticed anywhere else. For my toppings, I went with a simple approach: a couple of different cheeses, bacon and jalapeños, with ranch dressing and sour cream on the side for dipping. Although most probably consider fries a side dish or appetizer, when loaded properly, they can make a tasty meal.

The large pizza with 11 or more toppings of your choice is a family favorite. Each slice is piled high and packed with flavor. You can also choose to select one of their specialty pizzas for a well-crafted experience to satisfy your taste buds!

Now for the subs. There are a lot of combinations, but most any version of steak and cheese is sure to please. Just decide on your meat, bread of choice, cheese, veggies and you’re off to a tasty start. You can make it a combo like I did and get your choice of sides and a drink.

Speaking of sides, they have added three more to the lineup: pasta salad, macaroni and German coleslaw. The pasta salad is full of chopped and sliced vegetables and makes a fine side or standalone meal. The macaroni is slightly creamy with a sweetness to it. The German coleslaw has a tangy flavor due to its vinaigrette dressing base and pairs perfectly with their new jumbo hot dogs.

As a well-stocked pizza and sub shop, Mantachie Pizza & Sub has all the fresh veggies, cheese, and meaty toppings to make every order a one-of-a-kind original. The common ingredient shared by all of the menu items is attention to detail. The folks at Mantachie Pizza and Subs have been getting it right for 18 years and it shows. See y’all there!


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