EDITOR’S NOTE: Dorsey resident and foodie Jeff Jones has been chronicling his experiences at local eateries on his blog, “Eating Out with Jeff Jones,” for more than six years. Occasionally, Jones likes to share some of his thoughts on local restaurants with the readers of The Itawamba County Times. He can be found every day at eatingoutwithjeffjones.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/eatingoutwithjeffjones.

Where’d I eat: Cheeseheads Pizzeria

What’d I eat: large Chicago-style pepperoni; large Chicago-style deep dish supreme

What’d I think: Living across the river in Dorsey, I’d heard rumors of a Chicago-inspired pizza place just south of Fulton called Cheeseheads Pizzeria. Recently I was asked where to find traditional Chicago-style pizza and decided it was time to track down and give Cheeseheads a visit.

Turns out, it’s been around for about 13 years. Cheeseheads is owned by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, couple who are extremely versed in the Chicago-style ways. All their sauces and doughs are made fresh using old family recipes. They’ve even won awards from Yelp and Urban Spoon!

Although I had never had this iconic pizza before, I knew I was in for a treat when I opened the boxes and saw what I had just ordered. The Chicago-style was a true pizza pie with a top and bottom crust stuffed with my choice of toppings and then layered with sauce and cheese. Each slice of my single-topping pepperoni was huge and delicious.

My deep dish supreme had a raised layer of crust as if to guard all the meats, cheeses and veggies within. Each bite was thick with toppings and more than deserving of the title.

I was told that they also have a select variety of sandwiches and other specialties worth checking out on my next visit. Yes, there will definitely be a next time!

Folks, this is why I became a food blogger. Cheeseheads is the kind of place you might easily pass by on the way from Fulton to Amory, not even suspecting that a true Chicago experience is just within reach.

Where’d I eat: DIXIE Grocery

What’d I eat: half-pound Dixie Burger, fries and a root beer float

What’d I think: Dixie Grocery in Marietta has been gaining recognition recently since their purchase of the local country store. Owner Tim Long has made it his mission to provide the best in country conveniences, from gas to groceries to bait to a unique selection of candies and soft drinks made with original recipes and cane sugar.

Where Tim and his crew have really begun to gain popularity, however, is their growing deli selections, which include made-from-scratch burgers, chicken, catfish and pizza.

Sure, they do have some ready-made items like foot-long corn dogs, biscuits and burritos in the display up front, but their half-pound, handmade Dixie Burger is what compelled me to cross 20 Mile Bottom for lunch.

The Dixie Burger’s beef is purchased from local butchers and is prepared through a multi-step process for maximum flavor. Each half-pound patty is weighed, seasoned and cooked to juicy perfection. To add extra lovin’, local garden veggies are also used when in season.

To round off my meal I went with fries and a blended root beer float. This was one of the best floats I’ve had in a while. Combining it with the salty flavor of fries really took my meal to a new extreme.

Their locally-farmed catfish, hamburger steaks, made fresh breast fillet chicken tenders with homemade comeback sauce and their made-from-scratch 20 Miler Pizza are also local favorites.

Years ago, Tim was part of a best local burgers campaign on Facebook. I not only read each post in anticipation of where he would visit next, it also inspired me to publish my blog Eating Out With Jeff Jones! Thanks, Tim!

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