Change is one of those constants in our lives that we can either embrace or dread, although the results are always the same. Change will come.

Embracing change seems like the easier path to walk. After all, what’s the point of bucking the inevitable? But first steps can be undeniably and understandably difficult.

Take, for instance, this week’s centerpiece feature on Tremont’s Peggy North and the Swedish tradition of “dostadning,” or “death cleaning.” At some point over the last few months, the 81-year-old decided, due to a combination of reasons, to give away or sell all but the essentials in her life. This includes the home where she and her late husband raised their children. It’s filled with personal touches. Memories are tucked into every corner of the place.

Still, as North told our staff writer, Teresa Blake, no matter how much the home and all that’s in it means to her, it’s “all just stuff.” For her, time and age have brought her to the edge of a major life change. Making the decision to embrace it, to take that first step into the unknown instead of being pushed toward it, has been one of the most difficult of her life.

But she made it, and so can we all. Like North, we should always be ready to accept the changes that come our way, to expect that our lives are in constant flux until the day they stop. North took that harrowing first step. So can any of us.

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