Itawamba County Circuit Clerk Carol Gates has mailed letters requesting jurors seated on February’s grand jury return to session on June 29.

Senior Circuit Court Judge Paul Funderburk of the First Judicial District issued the order.

Gates said they have called jurors back in the past, but it is a rarity and typically tied to a particular case.

“We have called jurors back for legal reasons, but never for anything like this.”

The decision to bring back the previous grand jury is tied to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Gates said. Because concern about the spread of the virus is still high, and the state’s numbers of infected still growing, recalling the previous grand jury rather than bringing together a new group of jurors seemed to be the best decision.

“Normally we would have impaneled a whole new group, but with COVID-19 this approach will be much better,” Gates said.

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