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Itawamba Community College and Fulton officials discuss the sidewalk and other improvements made possible by the Mississippi Department of Transportation. They include, from left, John Wayne Harris; Dr. Jay Allen; Fulton aldermen Mike Nanney, Hayward Wilson, Brad Chatham, Liz Beasley; Rep. Donnie Bell; Mayor Barry Childers and Tim Senter.

Itawamba Community College and the City of Fulton announced today the awarding of $1.1 million in Federal Transportation Alternative Program funds from the Mississippi Department of Transportation for sidewalk installation along West Main Street.

ICC and the City of Fulton will be responsible for 20 percent of the total as well as professional engineering fees, according to John Wayne Harris, director of Projects and Energy Management Systems.

The sidewalk will be constructed along West Main Street and will begin in downtown Fulton east of the Fulton Telephone Company and continue to the trailhead, Harris said. Another section will be installed from West Main along Stadium Drive and end at the Access Road.

Pushbutton crosswalks at Stadium Drive and in front of both Sheffield Hall and the new ICC residence hall will help ensure the safety of college students, pedestrians and the residents of Fulton. In addition, the project will feature LED decorative post-top lights to provide well-lit pathways to promote student and visitor safety. Another benefit is better access to ICC’s Band Hall, which is utilized as a safe shelter for the City of Fulton as well as activities at the stadium area and Davis Event Center, Harris said.

“This project is a perfect town-and-gown partnership that will aid all of our ICC family in day-to-day movement across our main campus as well as the larger community of Fulton,” said ICC President Dr. Jay Allen. “This much-needed sidewalk provides safe paths linking our campus to downtown and the waterway as well as an opportunity for more visible crosswalks and significant lighting upgrade.”

“The Fulton Board of Aldermen and I would like to thank Dr. Allen and his staff, MDOT and Rep. Donnie Bell for making this project possible,” said Fulton Mayor Barry Childers. “We’re so pleased to have approval of this project to ensure the safety of our ICC students, local citizens and visitors. Working together is the key to ensuring more efforts such as this to better our city for everyone. The initiative will increase the curb appeal in our downtown, which will help to draw more people to the Tenn-Tom Waterway to enjoy the walking trail and attract ICC students and faculty to our downtown businesses. We look forward to future projects to further enhance the beauty of our wonderful city.”

TA funds are federal transportation dollars that are for non-roadway types of improvements such as sidewalks, multiuse paths, pedestrian lighting and traffic calming. The funds flow through the MDOT Local Public Agency. LPA programs leverage local investments with federal funds for infrastructure improvements to enhance the quality of life for residents throughout Mississippi.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2022.

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