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Vaunita Martin

The past few months have been the most rewarding time in my career serving Itawamba County. Years of hard work, determination, and leadership from elected officials, our committees, and the ICDC Board brought us to where we are today. Our communities and municipalities banded together to serve and invest for the greater good of our county. The fruits of all these labors are coming to fruition right before our eyes. I simply cannot thank our businesses, organizations, and leaders enough for their dedicated effort during such a challenging time. We are all in this together, and every victory is achieved as a result of your collective support. The selection of Itawamba Main Street as a Designated Community by Mississippi Main Street serves as the catalyst for continued growth of Itawamba County for years to come. Tremont, Mantachie, and Fulton will each be working with their own team of professionals dedicated to serving each municipality over the next four years. These professionals come from various backgrounds of landscape design, revitalization, marketing, and organizing. Their expertise and support will ensure our success in completing the designation.

Each municipality will complete three to four projects per year over the next four years. Some of these projects will include rebranding, signage, lighting, sidewalk plans, landscaping, attractions, etc. The focus is on making each municipality look its very best. We want to attract families, more businesses, and more tourists by improving the overall appeal of our communities. With Mississippi being “The Hospitality State”, we need to do our best to be an inviting and welcoming place. As my Grandmother used to say, we need to put on our Sunday best for company! A lot of work has already been done, and we have lots more to do. The sky, funding, and our imaginations are our only limits. We are asking for donations to a revitalization fund to help with these efforts. If you would like to donate to help ensure these projects come to fruition, please contact the ICDC office. Your donation is tax deductible and will help improve the county for future generations. If you would like to help with the projects that will come over the next four years, let us know. We will need all the help we can get to make it happen. Be a part of helping Itawamba be its best!

Why is this so important? This project and its vision will enhance the image of Itawamba County and the lives of our citizens for generations to come. If we want our children and grandchildren to stay in Itawamba County, we must provide them reasons to stay! These projects will propel Itawamba forward through growth in industry, business, residents, and tourists. This growth will create additional revenue to improve infrastructure, safety, and quality of life throughout the county. Bold aspirations lead to grand results! Please join this effort to promote Itawamba County and write the most successful chapter in its centuries-old history.

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