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Vaunita Martin

During this holiday season, make the time count by giving of yourself to others. Give your time, your ear, your wisdom, and your love. These gifts are greater than any present you can buy for someone. We all, especially over the past year, need to be loved on and affirmed that we are important and special. I’m given so many opportunities on a daily basis, while doing my job, to lift others up. Just this past week I met with a business owner and as we talked about ways to grow her business, the conversation led us to a time of sharing our hearts with each other. These intimate moments occur when you listen to His still small voice within you and allow Him to use you in order to help someone else. It’s an overwhelmingly beautiful thing to connect with others whom God made and placed in my path at that particular moment so that I can be His hands, His feet, and speak His words.

I have surrounded myself with people that are giving of themselves to others which continues to move me to want to do and give more. As my daughter and I were sharing with each other the different opportunities God has given us this past week to love and do for those around us, we were both moved to tears. This reminded me that we need to take a moment to stop and reflect on the awesomeness of our heavenly Father and thank Him for choosing us to complete His work. Thankfulness, that’s a word I’ve seen a lot over the past few weeks in writing, on shirts, and on social media. What does being thankful mean to you? Do you feel it? Do you show it? Do you live as a thankful person by paying your blessings forward in order to bless others? Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in ourselves and become selfish humans. Remind yourself daily that this life is not about you but about how you make others feel, what you do with your time to make a difference, and leaving your positive mark on this earth.

Be the role model by living a thankful life. I challenge you to do something every day that helps someone else. No matter how big or how small, give. When you do, take the time to watch how God uses you to affect others. Your time and talents are the most precious gifts you can give. Life is hard and challenging for everyone, but knowing we are not alone in it brings comfort and peace. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your struggles and triumphs with others. Taking down the walls you have built up to “protect” yourself has also kept everyone from getting close to you. Open up and let others in. You will find the more you share is the more you heal, and it helps others to heal also. Today and every day, live thankful!

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