During a special meeting held on Thursday, May 20, to discuss back to school protocol for the 2021-2022 school year, Itawamba County Superintendent, Trae Wiygul introduced the district’s plan for summer remediation classes aimed at getting students back on target after a year of COVID restrictions.

According to Wiygul, students throughout the district are struggling academically, specifically citing the district’s scores on the MAAP ELA assessment, also known as the “third grade gate”.

“Our kids are behind,” Wiygul told attendees. “But we’re going to catch up.”

Summer classes began on June 7 and continue through July 31. Classes will begin each day at 8 a.m. and end at 11 a.m. Wiygul said that buses will run their usual routes, and breakfast and lunch will be served each day. Extra meals will be sent home on Thursdays to last the students through the weekend.

Remediation classes for kindergarten through second grade will be offered at all schools. Third through eighth grade students including third grade students who did not pass the “third grade gate” – will also have the opportunity for remediation. Third through eighth grade students from Fairview Attendance Center, Tremont Attendance Center, and Itawamba Attendance Center (IAC) will meet on the IAC campus. Third through eighth grade students from Mantachie Elementary School, Dorsey Attendance Center, and Fairview Attendance Center will meet at Mantachie Elementary School campus. Ninth through twelfth grade students from Tremont Attendance Center and Itawamba Agricultural High School will meet at the Itawamba County Improvement Center, for credit recovery classes, while Mantachie’s ninth through twelfth grade students will meet at Mantachie High School for credit recovery.

For more information, or help with determining whether or not your child could benefit from summer remediation classes, please contact your student’s school.

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