According to the Mississippi Department of Revenue’s recently released sales tax report, Itawamba County continues to thrive despite economic challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Fulton had a total of $144,201.33 in sales tax diversions, which was a $4,850.60 increase from January 2019.

Additionally, Fulton collected a total of $4,177 from their Tourism Tax, an $1,100 increase from January 2019. From July 2020 to date, Fulton has pocketed $38,303 thanks to this special levie which almost exclusively affects visitors to Itawamba County.

The Town of Mantachie saw a slight dip from last year with a total of $17,887.99, which was only a $745.99 decrease from January 2019.

The Town of Tremont saw a minor loss of $201.34 from January 2019 with a total of $2,353.27 for January 2020.

Sales tax has a three month cycle. Sales tax diversion reports are based on the month the tax is collected at the Department of Revenue, which would be the month prior to the report’s release. This report was released in January and is based on sales tax that was collected in the month of December.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Itawamba County has managed to keep sales tax diversions up through a shop local spirit, only showing minimal decreases in sales tax revenues.

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