Scouting is valuable for everyone

Dear Editor,

My name is Annabell Egger. I am 14 years old. I am the first girl in BSA Scouts in Itawamba County. I am doing an assignment to earn a merit badge. Although when I started attending meetings, I was not an official member. I went to most of the meetings with my twin brother. He started out as a Cub Scout. My mom took both of us and I enjoyed being there, learning and playing. The more I went to the meetings, the more I enjoyed it.

The BSA allowed girls to join in February of 2019. I signed up the very day it was allowed. I am working to earn the rank and honor of Eagle Scout. A lot of people are against girls being in Scouts. They seem to think that it is wrong for girls and boys to be together. Some say it could be dangerous for us to be together.

I think they don’t know what the truth is. Almost every club or religious organization, girls and boys participate together. For instance, church camp, Boys and Girls Club of America, band camp and all academic clubs.

As for being dangerous for girls, the Scouts have strict guides and rules that must be obeyed. Anyone caught breaking the rules cannot attend activities. It is as safe or safer than any other club. The idea of being confused about being a girl or boy is not true. I am a girl that enjoys camping, hiking, swimming and other activities that BSA offers.

I would appreciate anything you could do to pass on the information about Scouts.


Annabell Egger

Common Core makes learning more difficult

Dear Editor,

My name is Douglas Egger. I’m doing an assignment for scouts BSA. I’m 14 yars old and I’m in eighth grade at Itawamba Attendance Center.

I’m writing you about the Common Core Curriculum the state is teaching. I think it needs to not be taught in Mississippi. I understand the reason it was made, to raise the education level. I don’t understand how making something harder to teach and learn helps anything. I think the information is important, but the same thing that is harder to learn slows down what could be learned.


Douglas Egger

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