Hi, Everyone! I hope each of you is having a good 2021 so far. I wish everyone happiness, health, and prosperity in the new year. Maybe we can find a way to eradicate the COVID-19 Virus this year or at least find a way to severely weaken its effects. I know everyone is ready to get back to the life we had before all of this began.

While we are still unable to host in-person programming here at the library, we continue to offer our weekly story time on Facebook Live via the library’s page each Tuesday at 3:30 PM. We also have had occasional special virtual programs and hope to have more in the new year. We were thrilled to have the Tombigbee Dulcimer Group perform some lively Christmas music virtually for us on Thursday, December 18th. The video of this performance can still be found on our page if anyone wants to view it.

We are excited about 2021 and hope to have a very prosperous year here at the library. Even amid the pandemic, many new books are being released that we think you might enjoy. Here is a list of ten books that I think will be quite popular here in our library:

1. The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah – Hannah’s writing can be best described as a combination of historical fiction, romance, and sometimes even elements of a legal thriller. In her newest novel set during the dust bowl era, a woman must decide whether to stay and fight off the horrible conditions to keep her land or go west in search of a better life. Coming February 2, 2021

2. Win by Harlan Coben- In the well-known suspense writer’s newest novel, two unsolved cases are brought back to the forefront when a wealthy recluse is found murdered, with two items nearby that suggest his connection to the crimes. When a vigilante with a personal interest in the cases enters the fold, these once cold cases are sure to heat up. Coming March 16, 2021

3. Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories by Jeff Kinney- In this spin-off from his tremendously popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, the spotlight is on Rowley, the eternally optimistic best friend in the Diary series. Rowley’s imagination goes wild in this book, as he tells spooky stories involving vampires, ghosts, and more. Coming March 16, 2021

4. A Place Like Mississippi: A Journey Through a Real and Imagined Literary Landscape by W. Ralph Eubanks- In his new novel, the Mississippi-born journalist and professor explores the varied Mississippi landscape, particularly the areas that serve as settings for some of the literary gems penned by natives of the state. Coming March 16, 2021

5. Dog Man: Mothering Heights by Dav Pilkey- This newest title in Pilkey’s hilarious graphic novel series for children will definitely be a popular book. Coming March 23, 2021

6. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir This popular Science Fiction writer returns for his third major novel. In this book, an astronaut awakes disoriented in space, with the corpses of his fellow crewmembers floating nearby. The fate of the world rests on the hope that he can complete his mission, but can he put the pieces together and save the world from extinction? Coming May 4, 2020

7. It’s Better This Way by Debbie Macomber- In her newest novel, Macomber tells the story of a divorcee whose plans change when she falls in love with a man with a similar past. For their love to last, they must confront the issues each of their children may have with their union. Coming July 13, 2021

8. Ali Cross- Like Father Like Son by James Patterson- The son of Alex Cross is thrown into his second case when he and his friends witness a crime. The mystery becomes even more complex when a friend of Ali’s refuses to talk to the police when they question her about the crime. Coming June 28, 2021

9. The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich- Little is known about this novel currently, but it will be the first book in the Gabriella Rose series from the bestselling writer of humorous mysteries. With her reputation, this book is likely to fly off of library shelves. Coming June 29, 2021

10. Fallen by Linda Castillo- This is the thirteenth book of the Kate Burkholder series, a crime thriller series set in an Amish community. In this book, the ex-Amish turned Police Chief Burkholder explores the death of a young woman with a checkered reputation who, much like herself, fled the Amish life. Who could have killed the woman, and why did they do it? Coming July 6, 2021

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