Dulaney Property (copy)

Mantachie officials are accepting sealed bids to clear nearly three acres of land for potential business growth in the heart of town.

The 2.8-acre lot on Hodges Drive was put up for sale in Nov. 2017 after its longtime owner, O.R. Dulaney, died. The Town of Mantachie paid a final price of $76,001 for the property the following December. Since then, town officials have been contemplating what, exactly, to do with the land.

“We’ve been in discussions about the possibilities of subdividing the property,” Mayor Matt Fennell said. “We’re still having conversations.”

The property is zoned commercial, and Fennell said several businesses have expressed interest in purchasing the lots if town officials decide to divide the property into smaller parcels. The land currently holds two houses and a handful of smaller buildings that will be torn down.

“We’re trying to take steps to develop the property right now,” Fennell told The Times. “We hope to have something in the works later this year.”

He said Mantachie leaders feel that the Dulaney property has the potential to be a very marketable piece of commercial property that could attract a variety of businesses.

Fennell previously touted the solid foundation built by Mantachie’s many homegrown businesses. The mayor said other municipalities in the area are making efforts to ensure a strong financial future with real estate purchases somewhat similar to the Town of Mantachie’s.

“I applaud our Board of Aldermen for being progressive thinkers,” Fennell said. “Our officials want nothing but the best for our citizens and community. We look forward to seeing the future of Mantachie take shape.”

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