All of the county’s cross country teams ran in the Mooreville Invitational, Saturday morning at Hussey Sod Farm.

The county had 16 runners finish in the top 10 in their respective races. Tremont’s Brayden Burroughs led the Tremont boys team with a fourth place finish, and senior Blake Moore was Mantachie’s top finisher in sixth place. Tremont’s Ramona Caballero finished fourth and Mantachie’s Kaylie Barber placed seventh in the girls 1A-3A race, while IAHS’s Kate Gann finished sixth in 4A-6A.

In the girls 1A-3A junior high race, Annie Amon from Mantachie finished first and Fairview’s Layla Kent finished ninth to lead their schools.

In the boys 1A-3A junior high race, Mantachie’s Dylan Moore and Fairview’s Ryker Thomas led their schools, finishing third and eighth, respectively.

Tremont Attendance Center’s boys high school team finished second in 1A-3A.

Mantachie’s Annie Amon finished first in the 1A-3A girls junior high division.

Mantachie junior high boys finished second in their division. The team includes Jaxon Paras, A.C. Ryan, Dylan Moore, Bryson Burleson, Cayson Nix, Nate Williams and Jon Paul McBeth.

Fairview Attendance Center finished third in the same division. Their team includes: Ryker Thomas, Shawn Burroughs, Eli Cook, Luke Steele and Dakota Ables.


  • High school boys 1A-3A: fourth – Brayden Burroughs, Tremont; seventh – Blake Moore, Mantachie; eighth – Gavin Patterson, Tremont; ninth – Konner Sartin, Tremont; 11th – Gentry Lynch, Tremont; 12th – Tristen Hurd, Mantachie; 14th – Ryan Parker, Tremont; 22nd – Gabe Graham, Tremont; 23rd – Braxton Lovvorn, Tremont
  • High school boys 4A-6A: 33rd – Luke Yarbrough, IAHS; 45th – Jaxon Nolan, IAHS; 51st – Maddox Hendricks, IAHS; 63rd – Blake Motes, IAHS; 69th – William Blake, IAHS; 79th – Will Turner, IAHS; 80th – Brantley Wiygul, IAHS; 94th – Ryder Grubbs, IAHS; 102nd – Jake South, IAHS; 107th – Landon Brown, IAHS; 108th – Josh Hill, IAHS
  • High school girls 1A-3A: fourth – Ramona Caballero, Tremont; seventh – Kaylie Barber, Mantachie; eighth – Grace Gillespie, Tremont; 14th – Scarlett Garrison;
  • High school girls 4A-6A: sixth – Kate Gann, IAHS; 65th – Hadley Wiygul, IAHS; 68th – Lilliana Chumney, IAHS; 73rd – Emily Pate, IAHS; 85th – Jade Senter, IAHS
  • Junior high girls 1A-3A: first – Annie Amon, Mantachie; fourth – McKenna Barber, Mantachie; ninth – Layla Kent, Fairview; 13th – Madison Erikson, Mantachie; 14th – Ivy Koon, Fairview; 15th – Angelina Collums, Mantachie; 17th – Harley Tate, Fairview; 20th – Layla Timms, Fairview; 23rd – Chyanne Letson, Fairview
  • Junior high girls 4A-6A: 49th – Tierney Johnson, IAHS; 51st – Adaiza Isby, IAHS; 53rd – Emily McCasland, IAHS; 63rd – Bailey Daughtery, IAHS ; 66th – Grace Wiginton, IAHS
  • Junior high boys 1A-3A: third– Dylan Moore, Mantachie; fifth – Cayson Nix, Mantachie; sixth – Jaxon Paras, Mantachie; seventh – Nathan Williams, Mantachie; eighth – Ryker Thomas, Fairview; 12 – Shawn Burroughs, Fairview; 17th – Bryson Burleson, Mantachie; 18th – Eli Cook, Fairview; 22nd – Allen Craig Ryan, Mantachie; 23rd – Luke Steele, Fairview; 24th – John Paul McBeth, Mantachie; 27th – Nick Risner, Tremont; 29th – Dakota Ables – Fairview
  • Junior high boys 4A-6A: 37th – Mason South, IAHS; 47th – Jeremiah Bell, IAHS.

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