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An eager deal-hunter in Fulton scans a table full of items being sold at one of hundreds of yard sales running along Highway 25 as part of 2017’s Trash and Treasures Along the Tenn-Tom Event.

Looking for a good deal on something hard to find? How about totally unique? Or maybe just a little frayed around the edges and squeaky in the hinges but still perfectly usable? This weekend is the time to go bargain hunting.

This weekend, Oct. 4-5, will see the return of the annual Trash and Treasures Along the Tenn-Tom event, a massive 234-mile yard sale that covers nearly 20 communities in three states.

The route runs along Highway 25, originating at the Tennessee-Mississippi state line and ending in Demopolis, Alabama.

While those willing to travel will find hundreds, if not thousands of sales through which to peruse, Itawamba County residents who don’t feel like traipsing across state lines should still be able to find plenty of local residents participating in the event. Each year, the county’s stretch of Highway 25 is peppered with sales. In fact, traffic can get kind of hectic and good items tend to go quickly, so hunters are encouraged to start their excursions early in order to find the best treasures.

Residents who would like to participate in the event as sellers but don’t have property along Highway 25 are asked to partner up with property owners along the highway. Area businesses also frequently open up space in their parking lots in order to accommodate sellers (who tend to bring in traffic), so it never hurts to ask.

There’s no fee to sign up to participate in the event as a seller. This includes inside the city of Fulton, which normally charges a fee for its yard sale permits. On this particular weekend, the city is waiving both the need for a permit and the fee that accompanies it.

For more information on the Trash and Treasures Along the Tenn-Tom 234-mile yard sale, call 1-800-457-9739 or contact the Itawamba County Development Council at 862-4571.

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