More than 650 riders from 15 states and four countries hit the dirt at Veterans Motocross Park in Dorsey during this weekend’s area qualifier for the Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s,  one of a series of events in which riders brave deep ruts, hairpin turns and steep, muddy hills to qualify for the regional event and, if they race well, the national event at Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee, scheduled for late July, early August. Only around 5 percent of the riders in each class make it to the national championship each year. Local participants in this past weekend’s area qualifier included Kiefer Martin (who qualified for the regionals in two 65cc categories), Dan McCrimon (who qualified for the regionals in the category Vet Plus 30), Walker Adams, T.C. Grubbs, Chance Rodgers and Eli Sheffield.


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