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I’d like to take a break from regaling you with tales of my terrible parenting and annoying cats and use this space to thank a long list of people, businesses and groups who helped make our election night street party a huge success. From the begging, I had a lot of reservations about this thing. After all, what purpose does our election party – with its chalk boards and microphones and susceptibility to the elements – serve 2019, a time in history in which any one of us can check up-to-the-minute election results from the comfort of our toilets.

Then, it hit me: What an election night street party lacks in air conditioned comfort and convenience, it makes up for in a feeling a community togetherness. Elections decide what kind of future we’ll face, and who will lead us during said future. There’s no better way to watch that unfold than together, and there’s no way all of you could fit into my bathroom.

A lot folks must have agreed, because considering the heat, the low number of contested races, and the sudden (albeit brief) appearance of grumpy weather, turnout for our street party was fantastic. And barring one a quick, but somewhat terrifying jaunt to the hospital by our own Charlotte Wolfe due to her body’s insistence on needing water, the whole evening was a lot of fun.

First and foremost, I’d want to express my sincere gratitude to every single person who partied with us that night. There’d be no point in going through all the work it takes to host these things without you. Consider yourselves showered with love.

Second, I’d like to single out Kim Hartwell and Christopher Freeman of Chef’s Vinyl at The Lee Ann Shoppe for spinning records all night. It’s astounding how a little music really makes a gathering feel like a party. Plus, it made me want to buy some records. Some more records, that is.

Third, I want to show a little love to the groups and people who helped us with setup. They include City of Fulton, Tombigbee Electric Power Fulton, Danny Stovall, piezons and Stan Miller, Fulton Food Giant Supermarket Inc for providing us with much-needed water, Shay and Michi Guess for a (unsurprisingly) beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, the American Legion for presenting the flags, our neighbors at Pro-Image Barbershop for being understanding, and our friend Romona Orsborn Edge for taking care of The Wolfe.

Oh, and the circuit clerk’s office for, you know, providing us with results.

We had some terrific vendors participating in our party: the local Boy Scout troop, Rick’s BBQ & Catering, The Ole Crank, Fulton’s On the Go Homemakers, Taylor Jones – State Farm Insurance Agent, Caffeinated Indian, and Sweet Ride Ice Cream Truck.

Special thanks to our runners for the night, Sarah Jarrell and Nora Cipkowski, who Cora tricked into working with a bunch of lies. Oh, and to Tommy Blake for being married to Teresa, who made him do a bunch of stuff. Sorry, dude. Oh, and my dad, Louis D. Armour with Pat the Cat Prints for our T-shirts.

Finally, we could not... let me repeat in all caps for emphasis ... COULD NOT .. have done any of this without the help of the amazing staff at The Times, who sweated their rears off to get everything ready. They are Shelley Ozbirn, Teresa Dozier Blake, Charlotte Wolfe, Cora Yielding, Abby Loden, Amelia Blair Denhof (formerly ... but she contributed, so she gets some love), Gaynell Jackson. I was there, too, but I didn’t do much besides read out results and occasionally took awkward stabs at humor. They did not go well.

Thank you again, everyone. We can’t publish a community paper without our community. We owe everything to all of you.

Now please leave my bathroom.

Twitter: @admarmr​

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