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I’ve never been very good at showing appreciation.

Not that I don’t appreciate. Believe me, I am very aware of (at least a handful of) my many faults and failings. I’m scatterbrained. I talk a lot, and too loudly. I crack too many terrible jokes. I have no sense of direction (seriously, I still get lost in my hometown). I’m scatterbrained.

Heck, I couldn’t make it through a single day without help from others. I’m honestly shocked I’ve survived for as long as I have.

So, yeah, I appreciate other people. It’s just, when showing an appropriate amount of gratitude, or expressing it in a way that doesn’t make me sound like a blathering idiot, I am … well, a blathering idiot. My shows of appreciation are usually rambling, too-earnest testimonials that are, I’m sure, seem more like vengeance than gratitude.

Still, I’d be remiss this Valentine’s Day if I didn’t show you, the reader, a little love. I’ll try to keep it uncharacteristically succinct: Thank you. If you read or advertise in our little paper, thank you. If you’ve ever given us an idea for a story, or dropped us a tip, thank you. If you subscribe or visit our website or follow our social media pages, thank you. It means the world to me.

I love you.

… Dag burn it, I just made it awkward, didn’t I? Sorry, folks.

Twitter: @admarmr

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