We don’t know if she intended it, but this week’s piece by regular Times contributor Lavale Mills, which you can read by glancing to the left, seems pertinent to the ongoing debate on whether we should wear masks in public to help slow the spread of the virus COVID-19.

Just to be upfront, we think we should. All of us.

In her column, Mills describes a frigid winter of her young life when she was required to wake up at the crack of dawn to drive her mother to meet members of her work carpool. She’d then drive back home and get ready in time to catch the bus to school.

According to Mills, she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be tasked with this duty, but made the best of it because it was what was required of her to help her mother.

“That was a time when kids didn’t complain too much when they were told to do something they didn’t want to do,” Mills writes. “I could have complained, but in the long run, I doubt it would have done any good.”

As the state’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases grows and our hospitals face increasing patient loads, we think it’s past time for each of us to do whatever it takes to help stymie the virus’s spread. Medical experts worldwide agree, almost universally, that masks do just that.

You may find them uncomfortable.

You may think they look silly.

You may think you’re healthy enough to fight off the worst of the virus.

You should wear a mask, anyway. Not for you, but for us all.

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